2013-2014 Membership Pricing
Family Membership
A member and spouse and unmarried children residing with the member, provided such children are not dependants (as per the Income Tax Act) and not over the age of 25 years.
Couple Membership
A member and spouse, a child of less than two (2) years of age may accompany his/her parents and still permit them to qualify under this category.
Single Membership
A person who is 18 years of age or older. This category is not open to children under 18 years of age.
Adult & Junior Squash Access
This category gives squash players access to our squash building 24/7 (no voting rights as they are not share holders). Access to squash court bookings on website 24 hours a day, use of fitness equipment and adult bar/beverage charge privileges. Welcome to join in social events and use of clubhouse but cannot use pool or tennis courts.
Up to 19 years for age. We offer a multi family junior squash access discount. Out of Town Members: Member that does not have a residence in the area (within 100km) can pay a monthly membership to use the facility. Contact office for details.
Sponsored Child
Up to 18 years of age. Must be sponsored by a member. This category is open for a member to sponsor a child of a non-member. The child cannot be sponsored for a membership greater than that held by the sponsoring member. This membership does not have guest privilege or signing privileges at the snack bar. Supervision is provided only during scheduled lessons and around the pool area. Any other supervision is the responsibility of the sponsoring member.
Introducing The Sarnia Riding Club Senior Social Membership
The purpose of a social membership is for socializing. Social members get to meet friends and family, sit on the hill and deck and enjoy the atmosphere. They can run a tab, and get the newsletter – they have a sense of belonging. The one big advantage for people living not far from the Club is that they get ‘beach rights’ by joining the Club.
The introduction of a Social Membership allows us to respect those who spent many memorable years raising their families, but no longer have an interest in playing tennis or swimming in the pool. The membership will also entice several SRC alumni back to a Club they knew and loved for so many years. This type of membership provides additional income at little operational cost.
Membership Guidelines
  • A social membership excludes the use of the pool, wellness centre, tennis and squash courts.
  • They can bring guests to social functions.
  • No Class Share B issues.
  • Levy fee charged ($10/month)
  • Membership Fee: Couple $315, Single $210 (+HST)
  • This membership is geared towards 65 and over, but not inclusive.
Guest Policy
Click here for a detailed look at the club’s purpose, philosophy, and policies
We love to have guests at the club. In fact many of our current members have joined because they were once invited as guest. Guests are welcome to join members at social events, our café or bar for food or refreshments. They are restricted however from using the pool, beach, tennis and squash courts, unless using a guest pass. All guests must be registered and accompanied by a member to use our facility. Guests may make use of the facilities covered by the host’s membership. After three (3) visits, guests will continue to be welcomed as members only.

Membership Type Annual Fee HST Total
Family $1,800.00 $245.70 $2,135.70
Couple $1,470.00 $191.10 $1,661.10
Single $735.00 $95.55 $830.55
Social Membership
Single $210.00 $27.30 $237.30
Couple $315.00 $40.95 $355.95
Squash Access Fee $581.70 $75.62 $657.32
Junior Squash Access $294.00 $38.22 $332.22
Additional Sibling $205.80 $26.75 $232.55
under 19 years of age only
Sponsored Child $525.00 $68.25 $593.25
under 19 years of age only
Out of Town $525.00 $68.25 $593.25
per month
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