Too old for day camp? Try our Bridge/Older Kids Day Camp.

Daily Pricing: $20/day - no pre-registration required

Sign your child into the club for the day and they can spend the day at the club completing their lessons, or just hanging out on the beach reading a book. They will be signed into the SRC in the morning, check in with our day camp councillor at lunch and then be signed out by you before taking them home! If there is inclement weather that day they are welcome to join for in the day camp for the day. This program gives peace of mind that someone is checking in on them and doing something with them if there is rain or thunderstorms.

This program does not provide care for your children, or provide them with programming.

Big Kid Day Camp Registration Form


Summer Day Camp

Reminder to non-members, you are only able to come to 1 week in July and 1 week in August as per our Club's rules and policies.

Members, as of June 1st, you are able to register for individual days of camp!

2019 Summer Day Camp Registration

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